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Marina Abramović – Entering the Other Side

Abramović’s exhibition is called Entering the Other Side, and came to place when she visited The Kistefos Museum last year. Inspired by the hard lives of the workers at the mill, and relating it to her own childhood in former Yugoslavia, she created a sound installation specially for Kistefos with the themes life and death. It can be heard in every corner of the old, industrial mill, as if the walls were chanting.


The Occult World of Marina Abramović

We have no idea what camp Abramović’s occult art falls into. It’s possible that the only intent behind her work is self-examination, self-transformation, and performance art. If she does engage in magic and rituals, we have no idea what her intention is. But her donations to Hillary Clinton, and her close relationships with the Hillary camp and people accused of pedophila, don’t lend themselves to a positive interpretation.

Delicious Corpses

Would simply cutting the cake not send a sufficient message? The stabbing act was extremely unsettling for me, and the video of the event made sure to include the reactions of the celebrity guests. The video of the event ends on an image of the devoured woman cake with the serving knife sticking out of its chest; a very unsettling image due to the life-like appearance of the woman cake’s face and the color of the cake.

VICE film on Serbian Magic “Vlaška magija”


Ordo Templi Orientis Phenomenon

In the absence of any other evidence, it is fairly safe to assume that Thelema was introduced to what was then Yugoslavia by one Robert Nemecek, who was then a musician in a well-known (in Yugoslavia) band called ‘Rock Machine’. Today Nemecek has a senior position at one of the largest Yugoslav television stations.

Marina Abramović: “I’ve always been a soldier”

http://the-talks.com/interview/marina-abramovic/ Ms. Abramović, did you ever doubt that you were an artist? When I taught art I was always asked, “How do you know you’re an artist? What makes you an artist?” And to me it’s like breathing. You don’t question if you breathe, you have to breathe. So if you wake up in the […]

Marina Abramovic explains her choice to have three abortions

“I had three abortions because I was convinced that it would be a disaster for my work, that you only have so much energy in your body and I would have to share it,” she said.