Pizzagate Part Deux: The Trouble With Open-Source Research, & The Media Go to War


When I published my initial coverage of Pizzagate in November outlining Pizzagate’s origins and its most compelling, verifiable discoveries, the investigation was just taking off. Since then, things have developed a great deal — and not all for the better. Interest in the research has exploded, causing a noticeable deterrioration in the overall quality of posts, leads, and comments in the forum where the bulk of the investigation is now taking place. Sensationalistic claims with no evidence, claims with irrelevant “evidence,” conspiratorial assertions provided without basis, an increase in racist and anti-semitic posts, and other distracting, irrelevant, or hostile nonsense have been pushing down posts by people who had been uncovering genuinely compelling connections and leads.

This is to be expected when from the massive increase in participation on a platform that provides open forum where anyone can contribute. There is fear amongst many that anti-semitic, racist, or violent posts…

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