Bullshit Inc. covers #Pizzagate

Piper at the Gates of Pandemonium

Back in 2004-2005 we heard the disheartening news that one of our supervising clinicians was arrested in an FBI undercover sting.

In the largest infiltration to NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) ever less than 10 people were arrested. The FBI set up a fake travel agency with the intention of capturing pedophiles who were going to go to Mexico for sex tourism.

My clinician was not going on the trip but befriended one of the undercover agents and handed him a CD rom full of 5,000 child pornography pictures. That represents around 10GB of data.

Remember this was the largest infiltration into a pedophile group US law enforcement had ever encountered. 10 people and a CD was recovered.

And then there’s Norway.

In one of the largest child sex abuse cases in history a year-long special investigation called “Operation Darkroom” resulted in the seizure of 150 terabytes of data…

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