Abramovic uses her own body as a medium in often radical ways for her performance art. Because most of her pieces are interactive, she is often both the subject and object of her pieces, many of which explore the ideas of suffering, endurance, transcendence, daily living and human nature through the juxtaposition of calm, “daily-life”, ritualistic actions with gruesome and unthinkable violent acts.


Get lost you script kiddie cunt

aceloewgold When I published my initial coverage of Pizzagate in November outlining Pizzagate’s origins and its most compelling, verifiable discoveries, the investigation was just taking off. Since then, things have developed a great deal — and not all for the better. Interest in the research has exploded, causing a noticeable deterrioration in the overall quality […]

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Back in 2004-2005 we heard the disheartening news that one of our supervising clinicians was arrested in an FBI undercover sting. In the largest infiltration to NAMBLA (North American Man-Boy Love Association) ever less than 10 people were arrested. The FBI set up a fake travel…

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One thing is certain. If you haven’t heard of #pizzagate yet, you will. This 9-letter word has taken social media and mainstream media by storm and it’s a Real Humdinger. Moreover, it’s symbolic value is now immeasurable. The Pizzagate meme has monumentally surpassed its early life as a hash tag gone viral…